Ensuring the Maximum Diversion from Landfills

The most efficient waste management services ensure diversion of the maximum quantity of waste material from landfill to the recovery units. They develop highly innovative recovery facilities to provide their customers maximum recovery. They also associate with other waste management companies who have advanced recovery facilities. In order to ensure maximum diversion from landfills, they train their customers to segregate the recyclable waste and keep them in separate containers. This way of waste collection will ensure the client companies the best recovery rates. The waste management companies encourage and support their clients to go on reducing the impact of their process on the ecosystem. They provide them with more innovative methods to reduce the impact of their process on the environment. By way of diversions from the landfills the waste management company tries to recover maximum quantity of the waste.

Report on recycled and recovered waste
The waste management services provide reports to the client companies showing the quantity of waste that was recycled or recovered. Since the information pertains to the waste diverted from landfill the report is certified by Carbon Footprint.

Supply of equipments
The waste management company is committed to provide the client company the equipments that they need to improve their efficiency as well as sustainability. The various types of equipments that they offer to their clients include waste containers, recycling bins, waste collection bags, waste carts, compactors, FELs, skips and open top as well as sealed containers. The customers are at liberty to improve the containers according to their requirements and the equipments are supplied with warranty. The waste management company offers training for using the equipments in the proper ways. The waste management companies work with different types of clients in order to achieve maximum recovery or recycling of waste materials. They offer bespoke solutions to the client companies for the waste removal after conducting a site audit. They assist their clients in segregation of the waste, recovery through the MRFs, training the technical staff and compaction.