Recycling Lessons

The basic requirement of recycling is that one should identify the items that can be recycled. One can start his recycling activity with the basic knowledge to find out the things that can be recycled. In the house, at the school as well as the office there are numerous items that can be recycled. The various items include plastic, paper, electronic items, glass, aluminium and many more. The extent of recyclability also varies. Aluminium can be recycled for a number of times. Plastic of a few varieties only can be recycled. Most of the plastic bottles have the recycling symbol at the bottom so that they can be easily identified. Hence, for those who want to start recycling it is very important to identify what to recycle and where the items are to be sent for the recycling.

Start with your home
The tips for recycling are in fact Green tips. One can find a lot of things for recycling in the home. Groceries and many other household items are purchased regularly and most of the items come with packagings. The packaging materials get accumulated as a waste. As the first step, one should take the initiative to reduce the quantity of waste that gets accumulated. Either by way of purchasing various household items in bulk quantities so as to reduce the amount of packing materials or by way of reusing or recycling, the waste can be managed.

Recycling at the office
At the office, there is a lot of scope for recycling. The offices are major contributors of non-biodegradable waste. All the waste can go either to the landfill or to the recycle bin. Paper, cartridges, cardboard boxes, plastic products, etc. are the major products in the offices that are recyclable. All those who work in an office may share the recycling tips between them so that it will be beneficial not only for the office but for each one of them.